Our website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience. I paid for the tail gate service and it was delivered very promptly and wheeled up to my house. These FAQs might not directly apply to your product. 5 hour run-time at 50% load. Generac’s OHV engine and large-capacity steel fuel tank ensures extended engine life and run times, while the steel tube cradle provides added strength. Engine: It comes with a Generac 14HP, 389cc OHV engine with cast iron sleeve for protection. After the initial oil change, every 6 months or 100 hours of use is the recommended. The fuel can be drained or left in the tank. NYS SITEPOWER Generator Tech says: Lets start with straight motor oils here. Proper grounding also helps dissipate static electricity which often builds up in ungrounded devices. The Generac Motor Oil has the following specifications: an API SN, a synthetic blend and SAE 5W-30. In the 7 oil changes I have performed, the drained oil was always normal - a little darker but never milky. We do not offer any type of fuel conversion kit for our portable generators. The customer should charge the battery at least once a month for 24-48 hours in preparation for usage. Works great in the summer and on a hot running engine (which most air cooled engines are). The hourmeter on some generator models have a reset button that allows the operator to move between maintenance intervals and reset intervals by holding the reset button for nine seconds. Regular maintenances and oil changes help to keep your generator running properly. That is about half the size of most modern small cars. The engine will run at full speed in order to accept any immediate loads. NOTE: This only applies to models with extension cords. Power Output: If we focus on power output, then the Generac GP5500 produces 6875 watts of peak power and 5500 watts of continuous power. Aftermarket conversion kits are available on the internet. If the starter will not turn the engine over, charge the battery using the charger provided with your generator. Additionally, a portable generator should always be stored inside when not in use to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. However, local codes may vary widely. My snowblower has 10w-30 in it, so I can start it up in the winter. The Generac Owner’s Manual specifically states to change the oil after using it for the first 30 hours and subsequent to that timeframe you should perform a generator oil change every 100 hours. Generac electric start generators, except those two GP models come with an external charger. It was designed to supply electrical power for operating compatible electrical lighting, appliances, tools and motor loads. See the Hourmeter section of your owner's manual for additional information. But…. What weight of oil should I use in my generator. The hourmeter will alert the owner continuously for one hour (of run time) before and until one hour after scheduled maintenance has been reached. Does your Generac Generator need an oil change? Fuel can be removed through the fill opening using an automotive style siphon. The treated fuel can then be left in the tank. Shop Generac GP 6500-Watt Gasoline Portable Generator in the Portable Generators department at Lowe's.com. Works great in the summer and on a hot running engine (which most air cooled engines are). You go up and down this viscosity index depending on various things, like weather conditions, application, etc. Generac produces a wide variety of generators, but the oil changing procedures are the same for home generators ranging from 8 … Large-capacity steel fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge provides durability and up … Please write a review! Open the fuel valve, start and operate the engine for 30 minutes. This is not recommended for typical operation. • Low-oil level shutdown automatically safeguards engine from damage. My lawnmower has straight 30. Generac Generator Oil Change. Actually, treating the fuel for storage is a better option. Predator generators 6500 Watt portable generator pdf manual download. In fact, many times the oil pump can't suck it up, and the engine runs without oil for a while until it warms up the oil, and that isn’t good! 10 AWG (American Wire Gauge) stranded copper wire to the grounding lug and to an earth driven copper or brass grounding rod (electrode) provides adequate protection against electrical shock. See the Checking Oil Level and Adding Fuel sections of your owner's manual for complete instructions on adding fuel and oil. Starting the unit monthly will help make sure that the generator is ready to turn on in the event of an outage. It's still 30 oil, but when it’s cold outside (like winter time, hence the "w"), it flows like a 10 oil. Yes, remove all loads before turning the generator off. Never use an E85 fuel or a mixture of oil and gasoline designated for two cycle engines. No abnormality but he saw that I hadn’t updated the firmware. Always consult your user manual for exact operating and maintenance solutions. Each time you add fuel, check the oil level as well. When the generator is turned off, you can only connect electrical devices that are turned off. Making any changes can void the generator warranty. Refer to the Generator Loads section of your owner's manual for complete instruction on adding and removing electrical devices. It is recommended to change your generator’s oil after the first month or 20 hours of use. The generator safe with the low oil feature that renders it protection against ... a 6500 generator may run for up to 11 hours if it’s 50% loaded. Some of the new XP and XT models do offer idle control. When the generator is turned on, you may connect electrical devices that are turned on or off. Local electrical codes may also require proper groundingof the unit. Generac Portable Products MegaForceTM 6,500 Watt Generator EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION This generator is an engine-driven, revolving field, alternating current (AC) generator. Best Oil for Honda Generators: Honda 10W30 Oil; Best Oil for Generac Generators: Generac Motor Oil 5W-30; Keep reading and you will learn about topics like what kind of oil does a generator take in specific weather conditions or the most reliable brands of oils we recommend. Cold like a January morning in Upstate NY. That is until I needed service for a gas smell last year (6/19) The tech came and inspected the unit. When you do your oil change, you should not have any left over oil taking up storage space. I settled on the Generac 5940 GP6500- 6500 Watt Portable Generator (5940). Of those that made it, the HONDA EM6500SX is the most superior. Almost anything can. The dealer will not come out to the customer or pick up the portable generator from the customer unless the customer has paid them to do so. For example, if you are adding two electrical devices, plug one into a red outlet and the other into a blue outlet rather than two red or two blue outlets. Generac Portable Products MegaForce™ 6,500 Watt Generator 6 BEFORE STARTING THE ENGINE Add Oil CAUTION! GP7500E-5943-5 portable generator pdf manual download. A lawnmower in Florida runs a whole lot hotter than a car up in Alaska. As hours of operation continue to accumulate, the hourmeter will automatically reset itself until the next 100 or 200 hour service interval is reached. Most of our portable generators do not have idle control. The National Electric Code requires that the frame and externally conductive parts of this generator be properly connected to an approved earth ground. Close the fuel valve and operate until the engine stops. for that purpose, connecting a No. The Generac Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30 is modified and super distilled as it is a full synthetic motor oil. These indicate the need to balance the loads on the generator when adding the elcetrical devices. Features. I put oil and gas in it as directed, and with one pull it was running. Most likely. We do not offer a kit or recommend making any changes to the generator or exhaust system, as that can void the warranty and UL listing. If the product has been gassed or oiled, it needs to be taken to an authorizedservice center for repair which may be covered under warranty. This oil is suitable for generators used in quite cold climates. The fuel capacity listed is the total interior volume for the fuel tank. How to change the oil for a Predator 6500 Generator from Harbor Freight, a girl can do it, off grid living, mac ranch, homesteading, if it's broken fix it Usually, Generac machines are more expensive. So the actual amount of gasoline that will fit in the tank is typically less than the stated fuel tank capacity. Shop Generac GP6500- 6,500 Watt Portable Generator 49ST/CSA in the Portable Generators department at Lowe's.com. However, if you are uncomfortable preforming this service procedure, have your dealer maintain the generator's valve clearance at the intervals specified. NOTE: Not all generator models have a reset button. View and Download Predator generators 6500 Watt owner's manual & safety instructions online. Following the fuel stabilizer manufacturer's recommendations, treat the quantity of the fuel remaining in the fuel tank. So engineers came up with the multi-viscosity stuff, like 10W-30. Our website uses cookies … We'll take SAE-30 weight oil for a first example. NYS SITEPOWER Generator Tech says: NEVER turn the generator off while loads are applied. So your generator, can it run on 5W-30 or 10W-30? This will help balance the loads on the generator. The low-oil feature protects the generator from damage. In emergency situations, the customer can charge the battery by plugging the charger cord into the receptacle on the generator while it is running. The best 6500-watt generators have been reviewed below where the only job left for you is to read through, select your device of choice, and order online. Many engines have been damaged from this back in the day. Two Generac GP models, the 15,000 and the 17,500 and all electric start XP models charge their batteries while operating. Enter your model or serial number to find Generac specifications, manuals, parts lists, FAQs, how-to videos, and more for your product. “I had always heard to use SAE-30. * Generac's OHV engine with splash lubrication provides a long engine life. Generac’s GP6500 portable generator offers PowerRush™ advanced technology, which delivers more than a 40% increased starting capacity allowing you Utilizing a higher grade premium fuel will not yield any increase in power output or improved performance. Our initial scope included ten 6500-watt generators, four of whom did not make it onto the list due to various demerits. Thanks, Ron Submitted: 9 … The GP6500E can be easily transported across rough or difficult terrain with the heavy-duty wheels and easy fold-down handle. COMMERCIAL / RESIDENTIAL PORTABLE GENERATORS GP Series. Ah, but there is a downside to 10W-30 oil, it's not as "tough" as straight 30. Fuel Tank Size and Runtime: You will get up to 10-hour runtime at 50% load on a 7.2 … Your generator can be operated continually. This is why it's the recommended oil for lawnmowers and such. Fuel that is not going to used- even for short periods of time should be treated with fuel stabilizer to slow the rate of deterioration, gumming and varnish formation. BE ADVISED, the generator should NEVER be used in any enclosed space including, without limitation, a shed, home, garage, trailer, or vehicle, even if the doors are left open, as this can be a serious fire hazard and carbon monoxide risk. Does an Onan Generator Have an Oil Filter. Regular unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 87 and no more than 10% ethanol is preferred. Consult with a local electrician for grounding requirements in the area. Any attempt to crank or start the engine before it has been properly filled with the recommended oil may result in an engine failure. Generac’s engine plus its large capacity fuel tank gives it an improved run and engine life. But, if it's a hot running air cooled engine, and you use it in the summer, a straight 30 oil would be better. A standby power generator for your home can provide a sense of security; but you must properly maintain it, including regularly changing the oil and filter. Own this model? Generac recommends starting a generator once a month and running the unit for about 30 minutes. GP Series Portable Generator. Valve clearance adjustment is critical to proper engine operation and requires special tools and training. View and Download Generac Power Systems GP7500E-5943-5 owner's manual online. I looked in the manual and they give SAE-30 as an option...but also 5W30 and 10W30. Generac’s GP6500 portable generator offers PowerRush™ advanced technology, which delivers more than a 40% increased starting capacity allowing you Proper grounding of the generator, when used to back-up a building's utility power, will prevent electrical shock in the event of a ground fault condition in the generator or the connected electrical devices. Generac 4-Cycle Engine Oil - 10W30. The generator oil change that I depict below in the youTube video is my first with this generator which means it was after the 1st 30 hours. It's generally "good enough", but not quite as good. Air space is required to allow for expansion of the gasoline during warmer temperatures. Good strong oil. Great options would be a car port or boat canopy with four open sides or a tarp hung from a tree. They warn that using SAE-30 with temps below 40 F could cause damage. However, if a customer decides to convert the fuel using an aftermarket kit, the warranty is void. Add oil, if necessary, to keep the level at the upper mark on the dipstick. Fuel Source: Generac GP5500 is a portable gas-powered generator. It is very important to provide adequate ventilation for the generator, so any sort of protection should be at least five feet from any side (including the top of the unit) while in use. So you'll need to adjust viscosity accordingly. capacity allowing you to do more with less. Generac does not offer any kits or accessories to add electric start to a pull start generator. Instructions are covered in the Valve Clearance Adjustment section of your owner's manual. Portable generator should never be operated inside an enclosed space or contrary to any provision or warning contained in your Owner's Manual. …  SAE-30 flows like tar when its cold. If you are on a tight budget but still need at least 6500 running watts from your generator, then you should grab this unit. First, turn off all appliances, lights and items being powered by the generator. Exercise all appropriate cautions when handling fuel. Your generator can be operated continually. However, portable generators are intended to be used during extreme weather and for the sensitive electronics on them, it is best if some sort of open covering can be used to protect it from direct rain or snow. Thanks, Ron … read more It will break up molecularly more easily than the straight 30. The low-oil feature protects the generator from damage. Looking at start-up conditions, as well as running conditions. This includes oil changes (at 100 hours) or air filter service (at 200 hours). We'll take SAE-30 weight oil for a first example.